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RJD Green Inc. Subsidiary, IOSoft Inc. Has Executed A Joint-Venture Agreement For Additional Services To The Healthcare Sector

TULSA, OK, Aug. 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- RJD Green (RJDG): IOSoft Inc., an RJD Green subsidiary, announced they have executed a joint-venture agreement with App-Swarm Inc. to market and service multiple software apps designed for the healthcare services sector. IOSoft Inc. announced they have executed a joint-venture agreement with App-Swarm Inc.

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Animal Manure Composting Methods

Animal manure composting methods can be physical, biological, or chemical. The objectives of manure treatment include reduction of manure volume, improvement of its applicability, and an increase in fertilizer value. Many forms of treatment can be implemented and composting; the process of amending the soil to grow better crops goes back to prehistory. Ancient Animal

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Animal Waste Management Strategies

Animal Waste Management Strategies The importance of effective sustainable farm animal waste management strategies cannot be over-emphasized. Natural processes cannot assimilate enormous volumes of waste. However, generated on the farm, the impact of manure transcends its source of production. In the majority of cases, the systems used to treat animal waste are inadequate. Manure contamination

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Preventing Animal Waste from Contaminating Ground Water

Preventing Animal Waste The concentration of livestock in factory farms leads to a buildup of animal waste in the areas where these livestock operations reside. The enormous volumes of waste cannot be absorbed by natural processes, and therefore require special treatment. Preventing animal waste in the majority of cases is not adequate, the systems used to treat

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