Animal Waste Management StrategiesAnimal Waste Management Strategies

The importance of effective sustainable farm animal waste management strategies cannot be over-emphasized. Natural processes cannot assimilate enormous volumes of waste. However, generated on the farm, the impact of manure transcends its source of production. In the majority of cases, the systems used to treat animal waste are inadequate.

Manure contamination has been implicated in many public health epidemics around the world. Sustainable management of manure requires a multi-pronged approach.

These approaches include nutritional strategies, policy, and legal framework as well as physical, biological and chemical manure treatment. Effective manure policy, legislation, and regulations will promote efficient and sustainable manure management practices, especially, with adequate enforcement and compliance.

Animal waste management strategies adopted should efficiently mitigate the negative impact of manure on the environment and the general public. Many benefits are derivable from sustainable manure management.

Earthlinc Environmental Solutions a division of RJD Green Inc. was formed to bring forward green applied technologies and offer environmental services with a focus in North America.

Our first acquisition, Animal Waste Management, is a patented technology used for waste processing on commercial chicken and hogs farms. The University of Arkansas and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources supported development.

The technology addresses animal waste management strategies for regional, national and international environmental problems of commercial poultry and hog industries. The technology controls the liquid, solid and gas waste generated, ultimately creating an odorless, clean, bacteria-free by-product that can be utilized for animal feed filler while allowing the water to be re-used as groundwater on the farm. The process improves the farm’s productivity and is competitively priced with the current expense of handling waste removal.

AWM is building an environmental services company utilizing proprietary technologies to produce strong profits from lower cost environmental technologies that can develop significant revenue streams. The technologies are focused on improving the air, land and water environments.

RJD Green Inc. has accrued patented technologies and short-term consulting contracts and joint-venture relationships to allow RJD Green Inc., to remain active in the acquisition search of new technology that addresses environmental issues.