The concentration of livestock in factory farms leads to a buildup of animal waste in the areas where these livestock operations reside. The enormous volumes of waste cannot be absorbed by natural processes, and therefore require special treatment. Preventing animal waste in the majority of cases is not adequate, the systems used to treat animal waste need new innovative technologies.

With waste being pumped into open-air pits, and from there, liquid manure is sprayed onto fields. The amount of waste applied often exceeds what the crops can take up, leaving the rest to escape into the air or runoff into surface waters. Such outdated and improper treatment of animal waste can lead to serious pollution problems.

This collection and disposal of untreated animal waste can harm groundwater and human health. These operations generate significant volumes of animal waste, which if improperly managed and discharged can result in environmental and human health risks. These include water quality impairment, fish kills, algal blooms, contamination of drinking water sources, and transmission of disease-causing bacteria and parasites.

Practical approaches to pollution control have involved the determination of an environmental quality standard and the use of various policy instruments, market or non-market, to achieve this desired standard.

Earthlinc Environmental Solutions a division of RJD Green Inc. (RJDG) is utilizing proprietary technologies preventing animal waste with lower cost environmental technologies that can develop significant revenue streams. The technologies are focused on improving the air, land and water environments.

Animal Waste Management is focused on preventing animal waste by providing performance-driven solutions for environmental based issues in both corporate and small business needs.

Animal Waste Management, is a patented technology that is developed and plans to enter the market of animal waste processing on commercial chicken and hogs farms. Development was supported by the University of Arkansas and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

The technology addresses regional, national and international environmental problems of preventing animal waste in the commercial poultry and hog industries. The technology controls the liquid, solid and gas waste generated, ultimately creating an odorless, clean, bacteria-free by-product that can be utilized for animal feed filler while allowing the water to be re-used as groundwater on the farm. The process improves the farm’s productivity and is competitively priced with the current expense of handling waste removal.

RJD Green Inc. (RJDG) has accrued three very relevant patented technologies and has also procured short-term consulting contracts and joint-venture relationships to launch revenues and allow RJDG to remain active in acquisition search building an environmental services company utilizing proprietary technologies preventing animal waste.