Earthlink Environmental SolutionsEarthlinc Environmental Solutions was formed to bring forward green applied technologies and offer environmental services with a focus in North America.

Earthlinc is focused on providing performance driven solutions for environmental based issues in both corporate and small business needs.

RJD Green has accrued three very relevant patented technologies.

Earthlinc has also procured short-term consulting contracts and joint-venture relationships to launch revenues and allow RJD to remain active in acquisition search that creates up to a $10,000,000 revenue.

Our first acquisition, Animal Waste Management, is a patented technology that is fully developed and entering the market for waste processing on commercial chicken and hogs farms. Development was supported by the University of Arkansas and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

The technology addresses regional, national and international environmental problems of commercial poultry and hog industries. The technology controls the liquid, solid and gas waste generated, ultimately creating an odorless, clean, bacteria free by-product that can be utilized for animal feed filler while allowing the water to be re-used as ground water on the farm. The process improves the farm’s productivity and is competitively priced with current expense of handling the waste removal.

Earthlinc Environmental Solutions Division has acquired industrial property to be utilized for an initial animal waste processing facility.

The twelve-acre industrial property acquired is located in Nowata, Oklahoma, a strategic location for Mid-America transportation, and it is in the heart of commercial meat farming and oil & gas services.

The development plan allows for two separate operations on the property.

The first of the two projects is an animal waste processing facility to be utilized for demonstration and ongoing development of environmentally friendly, and cost saving processes and services.

The second project is a Waste Oil Recovery facility that will utilized the proprietary processes previously acquired by Earthlinc that creates efficiencies in the oil recovery process and returns a higher ratio of salable oil recovery from the waste oil barrels processed.

RJD Green management states; “Our environmental team is excited to begin these efforts that will offer an excellent location for a base of operations for their process development efforts.”

On April 16, 2019 — RJD Green announced the Earthlinc Environmental Division of the Company has entered into an initial eighteen-month product development program utilizing Agrico’s forestation program in relation to animal waste.

About Agrico LLC

Agrico LLC is an Oklahoma based enterprise that is involved in forestation and natural resource conservation internationally focused in efforts with developing countries.

Ron Brewer, RJDG Green Inc. CEO, states: “Through our Earthlinc Environmental Division, RJD Green has received a contract for development services with Agrico that encompasses developing environmental products and services focused on animal waste. The initial contract is primarily focused on creating services that are proprietary to Agrico. The two companies have agreed to create joint-venture efforts in utilization of proprietary intellectual properties or services created.”

Animal Waste Management

Managing waste products is a necessary activity of our existence as a society.  How well this job is accomplished is reflected in the quality of the surroundings in which we live.  Water, soil, vegetation, air, fish, animals, and humans, literally all natural things are the resources of our planet that need to be considered when deciding what to do with wastes generated by human activities.  In the past, waste management needs were not so critical.  Today, the growing world population demands more and more products, which results in more and more waste by-products that must be managed.

Animal Waste ManagementThe agricultural industry, livestock production in particular, is a producer of waste materials that need management.  These wastes include manure from a large number of different animals, wastewater from sanitizing operation, unused pesticide mixes and pesticide containers, and residue from food processing operations.  Wastewater and sludge from municipal treatment plants, which are often applied on agricultural land, must also be managed.

Farmers and ranchers around the world have managed excess agricultural residue since they began production for the marketplace.  The lessons learned from the beginning are still applied today.  The character of agriculture has changed markedly in the last few decades.  Herd sizes have been increased to meet demands for animal products.  Large equipment and a broad array of agri-chemicals are now used to increase production.  The rapidly expanding population, along with increased consumption of animal products creates a higher awareness and a higher level of need for animal waste management.

Earthlinc Environmental Solutions was formed to bring forward green applied technologies and offer environmental services with a focus in North America.