Mergers and Acquisitions Business Strategy for Companies Looking to ExpandMergers and acquisitions for companies looking to expand makes perfect sense in a variety of situations. For example, maybe an opportunity presents itself that requires fast, decisive action. Or perhaps a lack of funding prevents you from deciding to act on expansion opportunities.

Raising capital, expansion into new markets or territories, or acquire new technologies and skillsets can happen with the right M&A partner.

Mergers and acquisitions business strategy for companies looking to expand can offer a solution to many different business problems. 

RJD Green seeks to participate as partners or joint venturing in a diverse range of business enterprises. The Company is actively seeking opportunities to add a new product line, add additional facilities, enter a new market, or gain expertise and intellectual property. 

RJDG matches appropriate investment participation with the projects being brought forward, ensuring the best results for both the enterprise growth and financial reward.

Each acquisition and asset is operated as a separate profit center with the recognition that in small business operations, proficiency, and frugal budgeting are required to maximize profitability. 

The RJDG team excels in working collaboratively with our business partners creating joint efforts for reaching mutual reward from our relationships.

Mergers and Acquisitions for Companies Looking to Expand.

For professional services firms, a strategic M&A is often about raising capital, gaining credibility, adding intellectual firepower, or changing the balance of power in a particular market.

The bottom line is a strategic merger yields value for both the acquired and the acquiring firm. 

RJD Green seeks merger & acquisition opportunities in companies or ventures that offer transparent organic growth capability with its market niche. The market niche can be by competition, long-term stability of market, geographic size, market penetration capabilities, and team industry capabilities.

RJDG seeks companies with $5,000,000 – $40,000,000 in annual revenues. Our team has significant experience in launching emerging growth and restructuring of companies. Therefore we review opportunities that can offer the same said definitions previously mentioned while reflecting transparent capabilities of successfully reaching appropriate investment returns.

A strategic merger, if done as part of a thoughtful growth strategy, can result in synergies that offer real value for both the acquired and the acquiring.

Save Time and Long Learning Curves.

Much like adding a new business model, a strategic M&A may help you save considerable time an expense in your growth strategy.

Not only is this a practical and smart shortcut to the sought-after service and expertise, but you also acquire a built-in shareholder base and target audience. 

If you have further interest in regards to joining our family, feel free to contact Ron Brewer, CEO by email at, or (918) 551-7893.