TULSA, OK , June 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — RJD Green (OTCPK: RJDG) CEO, Ron Brewer, announced today the Animal Waste Management Division of the Company has entered into a twenty-four month advisory services contract for international commercial tree plantations.

Ron Brewer, RJDG Green Inc. CEO states: “ Through our Animal Waste division, RJD Green has received  a contract for consulting services from Winrock Financial Ltd. that encompasses developing best practices to enhance  faster tree growth, environmental  capabilities, and overall tree  performance for their commercial  Megafolia hardwood tree plantations by utilization of proprietary intellectual properties.

The initial project is a 600 acre commercial farm located in Belize. Winrock has plans for multiple commercial plantations internationally utilizing the capabilities of Megafolia tree to create forestation and profit abilities in arid and adverse climates.

We have discussed with Winrock utilization of Animal Waste technology to create an additional profit center in their international environment. It is the intent of the Companies to create a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.”

About Winrock Financial LTD

Winrock Financial LTD is a Belizean enterprise focused in international natural resources. The Megafolia tree us their initial forestation venture.

The Megafolia™ Tree is a specific cross-pollination of five other trees, creating a very fast growing hardwood tree that will grow in even the most inhospitable environment.  Furthermore, it has been successfully used for phytoremediation (bioremediation), removing pollutants from the ground at a Superfund site and as a byproduct of the photosynthesis process, converting the pollutants to harmless oxygen and other inert products.

The Megafolia Tree can be harvested in as little as two years, for biomass fuel, making it ideal for reforestation.  It grows to a mature height of 55 to 65 feet in seven years, with the first limbs beginning at 35 feet, thus producing excellent knot free lumber.  With irrigation, it grows equally well in arid or humid environments and at sea level or elevations to over 3000 feet.  It also replenishes itself, since a new tree will grow from the stump after the adult tree is harvested.

Animal Waste Management

AWM is building an environmental services company utilizing proprietary technologies to produce strong profits from lower cost environmental technologies that can develop significant revenue streams. The technologies are focused on improving the air, land and water environments.

AWM has a patented technology that is fully developed, which addresses environmental issues of the commercial hog and poultry farm by eliminating liquid, solid, and gas waste while returning the water to usable ground water on the farm at cost similar to the handling and transporting expense of current waste disposal.

Forward-looking Statement:

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