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Kitchen Cabinet Alliance Members of the American Kitchen Cabinet Alliance are calling on the International Trade Commission and the U.S. Commerce Department to take tough action on China.

The American Kitchen Cabinet Alliance aims to stand up to China’s cheating and level the playing field for American workers and protect an iconic American industry.

Thousands of great American craftsmen have carried out a unique tradition of making kitchen and other cabinets and vanities the American way, producing a strong, long-lasting, high-quality product.

They believe that tradition is under threat because of China not playing by the rules. If nothing changes, American workers will continue to lose out and the American kitchen cabinet industry will continue to decline.

They say China, by subsidizing its kitchen cabinet products, has unfairly been muscling its way into U.S. markets. And now they’re calling on U.S. Senator Mike Rounds to help make their case.

Manufacturers say China, for years, has been flooding the market with their cheap cabinets, lowering demand for U.S.-made cabinets. Their grievances against China have the attention of lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

But other groups of U.S. cabinet-makers, who assemble cabinets made in China, is against the lawsuit, saying it will lead to higher prices for customers.

U.S. manufacturers have filed a trade lawsuit seeking long-term tariffs on Chinese-made cabinets. U.S. manufacturers acknowledge that levying more tariffs on China can be a flash point in the already tense trade standoff between the two nations. But tariffs may be necessary to protect cabinet-making jobs here. Final decisions on this trade lawsuit expected next February or March.