2020 Kitchen and Bath TrendsIndustry pros weigh in on macro trends for the 2020 kitchen and bath trends forecast.

These are more revealing, more important, and more enduring than the paint color of the year or the latest appliance finish. Macro trends showcase what people value in their lives and what they prioritize with their home investment dollars. They are:


These days, kitchen design is about efficiency making life more comfortable. People are being challenged by multiple obligations – family, self-care, and career, to name just three – and want their days to be a bit more convenient amidst this complexity. It’s not just about bells and whistles. People are now expecting a user-friendly lifestyle with less maintenance, fewer problems. We live in stressful times, so it seems fitting for people to seek simplicity in their homes and what could make your days run more smoothly, and save you time.

When forecasting 2020 kitchen and bath trends, the word used is efficiency by most experts, it’s the thread that weaves through most homeowners’ choices now. Efficiency in layout and design, in energy usage, in materials choice, maintenance, etc. Even home technology additions are at their core a reach towards efficiency.

For example, an all-in-one one washer/dryer, compact ice makers, convenient drink fridges, warming drawers — mainly, any room in the house can be outfitted with an appliance to make the space more comfortable. Experts see efficiency extending into water and energy conservation and smart home features. 

Efficiency ties into the technology trend

There are many reasons for this trend, Smart devices are influencing every aspect of our home life, so it’s no surprise that the idea of the connected kitchen is beginning to gain a foothold as consumers gain greater comfort with this type of technology. Adding integrated tech (smart meters, smart appliances) makes it possible to see and track wasted resources and what that waste costs.

The kitchen and bath market flooded with technology, some of which help people work easier in their homes, and some which complicate life. People want clean lines and clutter-free environments, and they want to minimize mental clutter, so tech needs to be intuitive, streamlined, and purposeful if it’s going to appeal to a broad base of homeowners.

Smart home products will move from the high end to more mainstream design starting in 2020, researchers anticipate, customization to suit homeowners’ lifestyles, and efficient use of space will be far more critical than connectivity. This ability to customize is driving manufacturers to make their products theme-friendly so that you can integrate them into sophisticated smart home suites.

As our modern lives become busier than ever, our kitchens are getting smarter and steadily growing into the highest tech room in the house.

It doesn’t stop there. Technology has become a significant feature in master bathroom design, including “steam options for the shower, heated flooring, and towel rods and lit mirrors with technology built into the mirror.


Wellness is showing up in design publications, and we see this through the incorporation of cooking appliances that offer healthier food prep options. Green products that minimize VOCs and off-gassing, water, and air purification products that reduce toxins and provide a cleaner environment.

Recycled Glass

Recycled GlassIceStone (Recycled Glass) is manufactured without any petrochemicals or resins, making it an environmentally responsible choice for countertops in the home or office. Care of IceStone is similar to that of natural stone.

Also, a growing interest in bringing the outdoors inside, whether through plant walls or other greenery, skylights, and large windows or nature-inspired colors and materials that promote psychological wellness.

Wellness has been a significant trend for the kitchen and bath industry, as well as for the real estate and new construction fields. Homes and communities with wellness features are highly sought after by fitness-minded Millennials, health-conscious Boomers, and the emerging, sustainability-oriented Generation Z. It crosses paths with sustainability, especially in emphasizing non-toxic materials and energy-friendly LED lighting tied to smart home technology for circadian benefits. 

Homeowners have long valued spa-inspired bathrooms, and this trend is increasing with the term ‘self-care’ being so prevalent, buyers are taking their dollars and using them to ensure their master bath is a retreat that meets their needs.

2020 kitchen and bath trends

Silex Interiors

You’ll see these three macro trends, efficiency, technology, and wellness, show up throughout the kitchen and bath world in 2020. Expect to see them in the choices designers, manufacturers, and homeowners include in these spaces. 

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